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Tony called the meeting to order with the pledge of Allegiance; all board members were present Tony Marshall- Supervisor, Lisa Ball, Clerk, Liz Ordiway- Treasurer, Terry Hargraves and Terry Bruce –Trustee’s. There were 14 residents and Doug Hackel with Wildwood Fire Department; we had 2 guest speakers Joel Vanier County Commissioner and Deanna.

Terry H, made motion to accept Minutes from August (after the correction of the Month) Liz seconded MC, Terry B, made motion to accept the bills paid (with correction from Lisa regarding the bor and deputy clerk pay check last month there was a miss calculation of social security there was a .90 cent correction Lisa seconded MC, Terry H, made motion to accept Treasurer report Terry B, seconded MC.

Under unfinished business Lisa made motion to accept the Blue flame budget contract for start up payment for $49.95 Terry H, seconded MC.

Under new business Keith Ponak the township Assessor’s contract was up for renewal Lisa made motion to accept the contract for 1 year renewal Terry B, second MC.

We had 2 guest speakers Joel Vanier Gladwin County Commissioner came with county updates see attachment for details.  We had Deanna request the board to vote for recreational and medicinal Marijuana facility she’s  looking into buying a different property since the sale of crossroads fell thru due to property line issues she’s willing to buy the neighboring property’s to clear her required property lines she’s required to have she will return at October’s meeting for that vote.

Joel Vanier stated that he’s talked to someone regarding the crossroads bar he stated they might be interested in buying the place and opening a restaurant and bar type business he will let us know of any further interest or updates, we had a resident ask about the township buying crossroads and opening some sort of center for the young folks in our community or some sort of safe place for them to go, we could invest into there future,  Tony responded stating that there’s really not enough young people  in our Township for that.

Terry H, asked Joel Vanier about the census stating the people going around door to door are not informational regarding the census Joel stated that the census would like for you to fill it out online but that if you don’t they will send you  a paper one in the mail.

A resident asked about getting 3 cans for there area they usually always have 4 but 3 are gone Tony stated that he would call republic and take care of that for him.

With no further business Lisa motion to adjourn Terry H, seconded Meeting Adjourned 7:33pm.



Lisa Ball- Clerk.


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Check out our proposed minutes to be viewed by residents prior to the next scheduled board meeting or the calendar under board members for important dates.

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