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Tony called the meeting to order with the Pledge of Allegiance at 7:00pm, all board members were present Tony Marshall-Supervisor, Lisa Ball-Clerk, Liz Ordiway-Treasurer, Terry Bruce and Terry Hargraves-Trustee’s. There were 15 residents and Doug Hackel with Wildwood Fire Department; we had 1 guest speaker Joel Venier – County Commissioner.

Liz made motion to accept minutes from March Terry h, seconded MC, Lisa made motion to accept bills paid with the correction of -$937.00 it was on there twice new total was $ 4942.74 Terry H, seconded MC, Terry H, motion to accept the treasurer report with the typo correction from ptt to ppt Liz seconded MC,

Bourret Township is now accepting mowing bids for our hall and 2 mows for the cemetery all bids will be opened at Mays Monthly Board Meeting 5-14-2019.

Tony asked for a motion to accept Police control for the township Noise ordinance  He will bring a copy to May’s meeting same contract Secord holds with the Sherriff’s office for there ordinance.  Lisa motion to accept and Terry H seconded. MC. Tony will also meet with Terry Hubble the lawyer for Secord twp Thursday at 1:00pm. A resident had volunteered to help enforce the ordinance for the Township but Tony said it would be safer for the police to control.

Lisa made motion to accept per Tony request to get a credit card for the township to pay for the website and any other fees that made be needed by credit card there’s a $500.00 limit Lisa and Tony will be listed on the account Terry B seconded MC.

Tony had 2 quotes for the new Refrigerator for our hall Home depot and sears we decided on sears they offered a better protection plan thru sears they offered 100% for 3 years and covers everything $499.99 Fridge plus $135.00Protection plan for total of $659.98.

There was a roll call vote to support the four lakes task force efforts to petition the circuit court to order lake levels for Wixom Lake and Gladwin County under part 307 of Michigan public act 451 of 1994 all board members was in a agreement Lisa will send letter in support.

Lisa made motion to accept new engagement letter from Schultz, Oswald, Miller & Edwards P.C. There the Townships Accountant Terry H seconded MC.

There was a discussion regarding the township parking lot it needs sealed Tony will enquire on getting quotes for this.

Mitch Mason stated that Diane Carlu is in the hospital and not doing so well her being a part of the township for years he thought it would be a nice ideal to get her a card from the township and send it to her and her family.

Resident also stated that Drummond road is very bad said it need gravel or pit gravel Tony will check into this and other roads  within the Township that may need attending too.

Joel Venier the county commissioner came with updates within the county he stated that Gladwin had passed a balance budget that morning and that Beaverton is working on a splash park at no fee for residents, the four lakes task force is moving forward on the 307 part for setting lake levels within the county and not the governor’s office he will keep us updated.

Dale Sheltron came and read a statement  from  the State Tax Commission aloud to the board regarding his BOR decision he stated that he was called a liar and he was very unhappy about the whole situation.

Our Township will be hosting the dinner at Secord Lake Township Hall, for counsel of government the dinner will be April 29, 2017 at 6:00pm.
















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