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Tony called meeting to order with pledge of allegiance at 7:00pm, all board members were present Tony Marshall- supervisor, lisa ball- clerk, ruth fournier - treasurer, terry bruce and sue morgan both trustee’s, keith Ponak assessor along with doug hackel with wildwood fire department, with 13 residents.


Tony asked for motion to accept the minutes from february lisa motioned to accept Ruth seconded, MC, sue motioned to accept the bills paid ruth seconded MC, lisa motioned to accept the treasurer report sue seconded MC. 

Tony asked for a resolution roll call vote to remove Joseph Giffor garbage from tax roll again this has been done before, all 5 board members voted (yes) resolution signed.

Tony asked for a motion to sign the new contract with PLM weed control which has to be signed by end of month, Lisa motioned to accept terry seconded actually all 5 members voted yes, MC,

Ruth asked for a motion to go to treasurer training through MTA along with sue morgan lisa seconded MC, tony also stated that there's a lot of old papers and things in the hall that just needs to go he’s contacting shred right about pricing he will have information next meeting.


ARPA funds portal will open up in April tony stated he would take any ideas from residents on things they like to see done to our hall and will discuss further next meeting.


Ogemaw county is asking for any resident from our township to attend the Airport meetings. It will offer $40.00 per meeting plus mileage Dale Taylor said he would do it. 


Tammy O’Donald county commissioner came with monthly county updates There's been a lot of talk throughout the county about broadband to bring it to rule areas mapping , graphic internet fiber optic, high speed internet there's been a grant application submitted for everything to go underground not sure of cost to consumers as of now.

Gladwin county having a millage for a new elementary school,l will have a may school election.

There's a bill being brought to the state regarding brine. It hasn't passed or went any further due to there’s no alternatives as of yet will keep us informed of any changes on that. There’s been a farm rodeo approved for memorial weekend. Jason Mincok who is in grout township has 125 acres or more interested in a solar project not any more information available as of now will keep us updated.


With no further business to conduct Tony motioned for adjournment, Lisa motioned to adjourn Sue seconded, MC meeting adjourned at 7:35pm. 


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Check out our proposed minutes to be viewed by residents prior to the next scheduled board meeting or the calendar under board members for important dates.

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