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Tony called the meeting to order with the pledge of allegiance at 7:00pm, all board members were present, tony marshall- supervisor, lisa ball- clerk, ruth fournier- treasurer, terry bruce, sue morgan both trustees. There were 12 residents along with doug hackel with wildwood fire department and keith ponak township assessor.


Tony called for a motion to accept minutes from december sue motioned to accept ruth seconded mc, lisa motioned to accept bills paid terry seconded MC, lisa motioned to accept the treasurer report sue seconded. MC. Ruth made a motion for the purchase of 500 stamps 400 for treasurer 100 for clerk Lisa seconded MC.

 Tammy Odonald is the newly elected county commissioner came in with county updated she stated the FLTF is doing a year in review on there website that information is available she also stated the the M-30 bridge m-dot moved up work to march  2024, county has updated there digital platform.


Tony stated there should be a new proposal from republic services this proposal should eliminate surcharges from our bill. Tony is working on an assessment to get our collection of garbage fund monies up to date with the rise of pricing per gallon. 


It's the time of year again where BOR training is offered to our bor members tony will consult with the members to see if they are interested in more training. Lisa motioned to accept the paying of any member interested in this training Sue seconded. MC.


Bernie president of joker bike club was at meeting he stated that gladwin county will not give him permission to get electric turned on there stating its not zoned for the use of a private club he's very frustrated with this decision from county tony stated he will look into this for them it's been months he has complied with the updated within the building but still no power.


With no further business to conduct Lisa motion to adjourn terry seconded, MC. The meeting adjourned at 7:18pm.




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Check out our proposed minutes to be viewed by residents prior to the next scheduled board meeting or the calendar under board members for important dates.

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